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Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are valuable to anyone purchaing land or wanting to develop a property.

Here are the benefits of the study:

1) Identify if the zoning of the property and the probability of getting the proper zoning for your business/use of the property

2) Identify easements that may limit your development

3) Identify flooding issues

4) Identify development issues: parking, entrances, building set backs, etc. that may limit your intended development

5) Idefnity platting conditions for the property

Our civil engineers have the tools and resources to research these items efficiently to develop a report that summarizes the information for your property. You may spend thousands on a property that can not be developed or that has alot of restrictions that really limits what you can develop. The zoning may not be available for your property for your new business or building use. Either way, the feasibility study is a cost efficient way to get information upfront on the status of the property and the feasibility of developing your project before you commit thousands of dollars into a property that can not be developed or does not fit your needs. 

A-1 Engineering is prepared to help you with a feasibility study. Our efficiency helps keep our fees fair for any budget. We are eager to help.