We believe that a property owner that is better informed and insightful in the performance of their buildings will better preserve the livability of their buildings for generations to come. 

A-1 Engineering, LLC was founded in 2011 with the focus of helping Texans better understand and manage their buildings. Since then, we have helped thousands of property owners, from commercial properties, multi-family to our next door neighbors. 

Our expertise extends to engineering commercial buildings, industrial structures, institutional buildings, residential buildings, retaining walls, swimming pools, tanks, cranes, solar panel framing systems, foundations for large structures, carports to sheds. Give us chance and we can even design a swing set for your kids or a 100 foot tower to be structurally sound. 

Arteriors Showcase, Dallas, Texas

Inspired by Mark Hoper, AIA, NCARB with HD Design Group

Structural: A-1 Engineering, LLC - San Antonio

Mark Hopper reveals the elegance of this older brick and steel building on Dragon Street in Dallas, Texas by exposing its steel roof and opening spaces. A-1 Engineering created a roof top terrace with the inspiration and vision from Mark.



A-1 Engineering, LLC is a proud veteran owned and operated company. We add the benefit of being well trained in the design and construction of steel, timber, masonry, and concrete structures ranging from retaining walls, steel frames and towers to buildings. As a local engineering company, we are privileged to have worked with the University of Texas at San Antonio Small Business Development Center (!! Thank you Sue Munro, Business Development Specialist !!) to be granted the following certifications through the South Central Texas Regional Cetification Agency:

  • ESBE - Emerging Business Enterprise

  • HABE - Hispanic American Business Enterprise

  • MBE - Minority Business Enterprise

  • SBE - Small Business Enterprise

  • VBE - Veteran Business Enterprise 

Texas Board of Professional Engineers Firm Registration Number F-12583

Principle Engineer: Moises A. Cruz, P.E. , Texas Professioanl Engineer License Number 108540



Everyone has an opinion on whether or not your foundation needs "foundation repair". You see cracks in the walls and in the ceilings, floors are not level or your trusted friend commented that you have foundation "problems". "Never mind putting your house up for sale", said your uncle. You can call a foundation repair company to give you a bid for "repairs" with a sales pitch and a lifetime warranty or you can consult with an engineer to give you a non-biased opinion on whether or not your foundation needs structural repairs. 

You may need repairs, but wouldn't be more valuable to have a structural engineer explain why you need repairs and the risks and benefits that come with it before you make the final decision. No one can force you to get foundation repair, but there are plenty of confusing reasons that can convince you to have this major surgery done to your house without a clear objective in sight. 

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Foundation repair is very invasive and most of the time it is not reversible. Bad foundation repair can lead to really significant problems. Foundation repair for the wrong reasons can cause more harm than actual benefits to the foundation. Having the wrong repairs can lead to repeated and costly plumbing issues that are not covered by the foundation repair warranty. 



Our team of engineers are skilled and trained in designing buildings for commercial, residential, institutional and industrial use. Projects as small as your new tool shed or as large as a multi-story medical office building can be designed by our engineers. 

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A-1 Engineering, LLC is priviledged to have been selected to design the structural framing and foundation for new multi-story facility at the Atonement Academy in San Antonio, Texas 

Contractor: Keller-Martin Construction, Inc.

Architect: John Gibson Martin



This is not like CSI, but we do investigate and analyze structures and buildings to understand the what, why and how damage occured to a structure. With a team of experienced structural and civil engineers, we develop objective and thorough explanations to the causes of building damage. We have investigated buildings with foundation problems as well as swimming pools. We specialize in investigating buildings with bad foundation repairs, structural wood or steel frames that were not adequately designed and constructed as well as analyzing the design capacity of retaining walls, swimming pools and other structures. We combine our active and daily experience in designing structures and buildings with engineering principles formatted at explaining building damages and their causes. 


Foundation problems are not simply due to moving soils. At times, the design and/or the construction of the foundation can be faulty and defective. The picture is from our vault of investigations into faulty foundation construction.