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Rates and Range of Services

Every project is unique. Our rates vary depending on the project, location, complexity of the project, etc. Here's some ways that we can help: 

  • Engineering Reports - PLEASE READ 
  • Foundations Design (Including foundation repair design) 
  • Structural Analysis and Evaluations of Braced Walls 
  • Structural Engineer Letter for Wall Bracing
  • Structural Inspection / Assessment of Residences and Commercial Buildings 
  • Structural Assessment and Analysis of Carports, Room Additions, Canopies, Pier and Beam Foundations
  • Structural Engineering Assessment and Design of Retaining Walls
  • For Real Estate Projects: We enjoy  servicing Sellers, Buyers, Realtors, Mortgage Companies and Appraisers to expedite structural assessments of buildings. We understand time is of essence so PLEASE let our staff know  your specific time lines.
We have added a section called Useful Explanations to help explain other concepts and terms common in construction and structural engineer to help you communicate with the engineers. 

Please call our offices in San Antonio (210) 591-8829 or in Austin (512) 298-3360 to for further details on services that we offer.

Please visit our Structural Engineer San Antonio page or Structural Engineer Austin

Rates and Fees:

Our rates and fees vary by project and complexity. We don't offer or provide FREE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING ASSESSMENTS or FREE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES. Most of  our fees are lump sum fee so that you don't feel that we are "nickel and diming" you.

You may be wondering or have experienced that the fee for similar services vary between engineering companies. Our fees are typically on the mid-range when compared to other professional engineers. We don't base our fee on market trends or on what other engineers fee are.

If you need a building assessed ("inspected"), for a relatively small nominal fee, a practicing and trained structural engineer (that continues and understands  the design of large and small buildings) visits with you to evaluate your building. You will notice from our reviews that our engineers are extremely sensitive to your concerns and inquiries. 

We encourage you to ask questions, inquire, research, learn and take advantage of the insight that our engineers bring to you. We enjoy practicing structural engineering as much as we enjoy sharing our understanding of it with you.

In case you are curious about how much foundation repair can cost, you can estimate the cost of full foundation repair by following this exercise: Preliminary Cost Estimate for Full Foundation Repair


- VERBAL ASSESSMENTS: We understand that all projects have limited budgets so we provide on-site verbal consultations. The on-site verbal consultation is provided at a fraction of the cost. Verbal consultations is not limited to the types of projects BUT THEY ARE LIMITED ON INFORMATION PROVIDED. VERBAL CONSULTATIONS DO NOT INCLUDE FOLLOW-UP REPORTS, LETTERS, DETAILS, PLANS (BLUE PRINTS), PICTURES OR DESIGNS. The additional documentation for your project can be provided as additional services with additional fees. The value of verbal consultations is getting a structural engineer on-site at a reduced cost to provide verbal guidance and piece of mind. Call us at 210-591-8829 or 512-298-3360 for verbal consultation fees.

- FOUNDATION LEVEL "A" ASSESSMENT : If you think you have foundation problems then a Level "A" assessment is the first step in having a structural engineer check the condition of the building for foundation issues. The Level A assessment is a first impression assessment, in that the engineer will not dig holes, break walls, destroy floors or flip the house upside down to see underneath. The assessment is based on a structural engineers training, experience and knowledge on the expected performance and design of foundations. This is super valuable because a structural engineer can assess cracks and other indicators efficiently to provide you with an opinion on whether foundation repair will benefit your foundation. You can call a foundation repair company that will try to sell you a preventative measure or try to "stabilize" your house OR you can have a structural engineer give you an unbiased technical opinion on whether foundation repair will benefit your foundation. Whichever road you take, the guidance that a structural engineer can provide is valuable to help you before you decide to spend thousands of dollars on preventative measures that might become issues down the road.  

Level A assessments come with summary reports on discussions that the engineer had with you as well as some explanations. The report DOES NOT INCLUDE PICTURES, SURVEYS, FIELD NOTES OR BLUE PRINTS OR PLANS. The report is a written summary with the engineers opinion and recommendations. It will also explain if foundation repair will benefit your building. In the event your building does need foundation repair, FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE, the engineer can develop a "foundation underpinning plan" or scope of work to help guide your project. The consulting fee depends on where you are in Texas and the size of the building. 

- FOUNDATION LEVEL "A+" ASSESSMENT: This assessment is identical to the Level "A" assessment discussed above EXCEPT that we include a copy of the elevation readings that we recorded during the visit. The elevation readings are of significant value if you just purchased your home or if your home is less than 5 years old. The elevation survey provides elevation readings of the floor for future use so that engineers can reference the readings to track if the foundation is moving and to what degree. The best application of the readings is in proving foundation issues to the home warranty company or for insurance plumbing claims. The fee for a Level A+ is slightly higher than the Level A but the historical information is PRICELESS! 

- FOUNDATION LEVEL "B" ASSESSMENT: The Level B is typically developed for litigation construction projects or to analyze the foundation for warranty and insurance claims. The fee is about three times higher than a Level A assessment but analysis of a Level B is very technical to check for actual foundation movement.

Additional information and explanations on the items that the engineer considers during the assessment can be found at American Society of Civil Engineers-Texas Section, Guidelines for the Evaluation and Repair of Residential Foundations, Version 2

We provide a wide range of structural services so please call our office at 210-591-8829 (San Antonio) or 512-298-3360 (Austin) for additional information. 


To expedite your project, we manage clearing invoices fairly easy. You have the option to either pay via credit card or check. We prefer that no projects be paid in cash. 

For credit card projects, you will receive an invoice from our credit card service provider, PayPal. Just follow the simple instructions and the invoice is cleared. Please feel assured that we do not see or keep your credit card information. 

If you choose to pay with a check, please make the check payable to A-1 Engineering, LLC and provide it to the structural engineer during the visit. 

If you have a promotional discount or coupon, please tell our project coordinators to adjust your invoice. 

Also, the electronic invoice that is emailed to you will have a project number with the following format: 15-XXX-X. That is your project number so please reference it when you call our office, send emails or talk with the structural engineers.

Thank you again for choosing our structural engineers to visit with you.