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Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, structural engineers can add value to your project. But if you think you have foundation problems, then a structural engineer can help you figure out if foundation repair will benefit your building. 

We also provide Structural Engineering in San Antonio. Our Structural Engineers in Austin provide the following Structural Engineering services:



- RESIDENTIAL Foundation and Structural Assessments

- COMMERCIAL Foundation and Structural Assessments

- Apartment Complexes Assessments

- Design (Plans and Details) of Residential Structural foundation

- Design of Commercial Structural foundations

- Design of Industrial Structural foundations

- Design of Metal Building Structural foundations

- Structural Foundation Problems and Structural Inspection Report (Including Real Estate & Refinancing Transactions).

FOUNDATION ELEVATION SURVEY Monitor your new foundation before it becomes a problem

- Crane Foundation Design

- FHA Manufactured homes Foundation inspections and Retrofit


-Residential and Commercial Walls, Roof, and Floor Framing Plans (Wood, Steel, Concrete, CMU, Aluminum)

-Solar Panels supporting Structures

-Ceiling Height Raising

-Load Bearing Wall Removal

-Residential / Commercial Additions

-Walls and Wind Bracing

-Tilt-up Concrete Wall panels

-Car ports, Canopies, Patios, etc.

City of Austin Letters (Most require plan design services):

-City of Austin Foundation Letters

-City of Austin Structural Engineer's Letter

-RTU / Mechanical Units for Roof Structural Letter

-Floor Load Rating Letter

Retaining Walls:

-Retaining wall design and investigation

-Segmental Retaining Walls

-Concrete Retaining Walls

-CMU Retaining Walls

Other Structural Engineering Services:

-Serving as Expert Witness Structural Engineer for Litigation Purposes.

-Shop Drawings Review

-Monument Signs

-Pole Signs

Please let us assist you with any Structural Engineering issues in Austin TX and Texas. Call us at (512) 298-3360 Se Habla Espanol  

Same Day Engineering Reports and Services

Rush service: We offer 24 hour turn-around time and possible same day Structural Engineering Services for an additional fee, subject to availability. Call us today (512) 298-3360

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your home. We can help!!

Our Structural Engineers are experts at home/house inspections (i.e. assessments) with suspected structural problems of the foundation or the framing. Its is not uncommon for homes throughout San Antonio and Austin to get an appraisal report or home inspection report with comments that say "foundation settlement is evident; retain a structural engineer for an evaluation". Under these circumstances, the lender or loan underwriter might require a structural engineer to assess the property and provide an opinion on whether the foundation is experiencing any problems that need attention. 

A-1 Engineering can help with this scenario. Our team of engineers are familiar with the questions and intent of the assessment, we have extensive experience working with foundations that have had foundation repair, warranty claims, insurance claims, flooding, fires, and other disasters and issues. 

The inspection or assessment process quite simple. Our engineers will visit the site, assess the interior and exterior condition of the building following the ASCE Guideline for the Evaluation and Repair of Residential Foundations Level A assessment and we will develop a report with our findings. 

What is the difference between A-1 Engineering and other engineering firms. Well....YOU! We focus on you by listening to your concerns, discussing your concerns on site, and summarizing our visit in a report. 

Also, we work with many homeowners who feel they have foundation problems or structural problems in general. Please refer to our different types of Structural Inspections. Also read our popular article on Selling a House with Foundation Problems.

Foundations Repair is Not Always the Solution

In 2011, we recognized that home owners were spending thousands of dollars on foundation repair that wasn't needed. Homeowners continued to be concerned about the repairs and no information was available to help owners understand foundation problems.

So we started A-1 Engineering with the purpose of helping home owners with foundation issues. With offices in San Antonio and in Austin, our engineers will visit with you to evaluate the overall structural condition of your foundation; we will measure the highs and the lows of the floor but more importantly, we will explain what is happening with the foundation and we discuss if foundation repair is right for you and your home. Its truly a non-biased and objective opinion.  

Since 2011, have met with over 6000 owners across Texas. Our team of engineers not only evaluate foundations; we design them as well. 

You will find an extensive library of information throughout our website so we encourage you to explore or call us.

I need an Expert Structural Engineer

Unfortunately sometimes you get caught up with having to dispute a claim with a warranty company, insurance company, builder or contractor. Its an uncomfortable situation and amazingly stressful to everyone. It maybe hard to find a structural engineer with experience and understanding on how litigation cases work. 

Our principal engineer, Mr. Moises A Cruz, P.E., has served as an expert structural engineer on multiple cases ranging from foundation problems, foundation repairs disputes, warranty claim disputes, insurance claim disputes and even pool construction disputes. 

Structural engineers are uniquely trained and experienced with studying buildings and structures. Our team of engineers spend most of their time looking at and assessing structural issues which enhances their structural design experience by incorporating the lessons learned from assessing problems into our designs. 

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