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Foundation Engineering,  

We provide Foundation Engineering, Structural Home Inspections, Foundation Repair Engineering.

Austin Structural Engineering company providing Structural Engineering in Austin and across Texas (We are Licensed Professional Engineers). We also provide Structural Engineering in San Antonio. Our Structural Engineers in Austin TX provide the following Structural Engineering services:


  • RESIDENTIAL Foundation and Structural Assessments
  • COMMERCIAL Foundation and Structural Assessments
  • Apartment Complexes Assesments
  • Design (Plans and Details) of Residential Structural foundation
  • Design of Commercial Structural foundations
  • Design of Industrial Structural foundations
  • Design of Metal Building Structural foundations
  • Structural Foundation Problems and Structural Inspection Report (Including Real Estate & Refinancing Transactions).
  • Crane Foundation Design
  • FHA Manufactured homes Foundation inspections and Retrofit


  • Residential and Commercial Walls, Roof, and Floor Framing Plans (Wood, Steel, Concrete, CMU, Aluminum)
  • Solar Panels supporting Structures
  • Ceiling Height Raising
  • Load Bearing Wall Removal
  • Residential / Commercial Additions
  • Walls and Wind Bracing
  • Tilt-up Concrete Wall panels
  • Car ports, Canopies, Patios, etc.

City of Austin Letters (Most require plan design services):

  • City of Austin Foundation Letters
  • City of Austin Structural Engineer's Letter
  • RTU / Mechanical Units for Roof Structural Letter
  • Floor Load Rating Letter

Retaining Walls:

  • Retaining wall design and investigation
  • Segmental Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • CMU Retaining Walls

Other Structural Engineering Services:

  • Serving as Expert Witness Structural Engineer for Litigation Purposes.
  • Shop Drawings Review
  • Monument Signs
  • Pole Signs


We are Angie's List #1 Structural Engineer in Austin and San Antonio!

Residential CONSUMER ALERT: Licensed Engineers Claiming to be Structural Engineers

We provide many more Structural Engineering services, with dozens of years of combined Structural Engineering experience and many, many, projects completed, we will make our best effort to provide you with what we and our clients think is superior Structural Engineering services in Austin, Texas. Make us your Structural Engineer of choice in Austin TX and Texas. Please let us assist you with any Structural Engineering issues in Austin TX and Texas. Call us at (512) 298-3360 Se Habla Espanol  
Same Day Structural Engineering Services!

Rush service: We offer 24 hour turn-around time and possible same day Structural Engineering Services for an additional fee, subject to availability. Call us today (512) 298-3360

Home or House Structural Engineering Inspections  for home buying, selling, or refinancing

We are Structural Engineers who do house and home inspections (i.e. assessments) for structural problems in structures (we are not "home inspectors", we are structural engineering investigators, Professional Engineers). If you're buying or refinancing a house or home, the mortgage company will send a home or house inspector (appraiser) who checks everything in the house; if there's anything structurally unsound with the house or home, then the appraiser will suggest lender to hire a structural Engineer to verify the structural soundness of the residence. The bank will not release any funds if there's no Structural Engineer's report stating the acceptable condition of the Structure.

Also, we work with many homeowners who feel they have foundation problems or structural problems in general with their homes. In this case, we would go and inspect the house for structural problems and provide you with a report. Please refer to our different types of Structural Inspections. Also read our popular article on Selling a House with Foundation Problems.

Structural Concrete Foundations Engineering in Austin

The structural Engineering design of Foundations can either be a Structural concrete slab foundation as well as pier and beam type of foundations. We can provide foundations plans for any structure.

We are unbiased in giving you our Structural Engineer Report or Design on foundations if we see anything wrong with your foundation because we are not contractors and therefore we don't provide the physical repair of the Foundation. Many Structural Engineering Firms out there provide physical repair of Structural foundations (not just acting as consulting engineers but also as contractors), while others receive hefty commissions from foundation repair companies, which likely means their opinion is biased with an inherent conflict of interest.

If you think you have Structural foundation problems we'll give you our opinion without having the conflict of interest that many other structural engineering companies or firms have because we don't have any financial gain by telling you that you have a Structural foundation problem.

Many times we are called to perform a Structural foundation inspection (i.e. assessment) after another structural engineering company or firm that provides Structural foundation inspection and Structural foundation repair services claims that the house has foundation problems. Many times we are called to perform a Structural foundation inspection after even two Structural foundation repair companies have been called to inspect the Structural foundation and they provide dissenting view on the matter. Hence, we're hired as an independent third party structural engineer to perform a structural Engineering foundation inspection and give an independent opinion.

Many times there's nothing wrong with your concrete foundation and the structure of your house! Save yourself time and money by hiring us first as your primary Structural Engineer and let us give you a recommendation of whether you need to hire someone to repair your foundation (and more importantly, if you do then choosing an acceptable system). By the way, most foundation repair companies do not actually repair your foundation, see Foundation leveling and Repair.

Having cracks in your concrete foundation doesn't mean you have foundation problems. The nature of Concrete is to crack, the real question is, is the concrete foundation cracking because of temperature and shrinkage, or is it because of soil movement below the concrete foundation? Again, an experienced structural engineer, who doesn't physically perform foundation repairs, is likely the best structural engineer qualified for a non biased foundation inspection. Even with cracks due to foundation movement, the Structure itself might be still be sound and a structural repair might not be necessary.

Please also consider that the vast majority of foundation repair companies are salespeople, not Structural Engineers. 

We can also provide you with wall bracing letters for the City of San Antonio and Austin Texas advising the city that the structure is safe. 

We've worked with Banks, Mortgage brokers, Realtors and Homeowners, in providing home or residential structural inspections. We are also very fast in providing you with our Structural Engineer Report.

If you're looking to get some  sort of warranty for your Foundation we recommend this Structural Engineer Austin page


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