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foundation settlement

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Buying a new can be overwhelming. Never mind all the houses that you need to visit to find the perfect one but once you have your sights on the one you want, it's important to gather some helpful information on the property for you to understand what you are buying. We are not real estate brokers or realtors, nor do we claim to be appraisal experts, investment consultants or your know it all uncle. Contrary to popular belief, engineers are human and we have the same emotions, feelings and thoughts that any other home buyer has.

Foundation Movement - Explained

Slab on ground foundation with post tension cables


Regardless to the type of foundation, there are two common reasons for foundation movement:


1)    Response to soil volume change (shrink, swell or settle): Response to soils means that foundation will move in the direction the supporting soils move. The simplest way to understand this is to understand that soils move in four directions: up, down, and the sides (left and right).