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Mission Statement: We are professionals committed to the safety of the public. Through our commitment, we strive to educate the public and our clients to facilitate better-informed decisions relative to the design, construction and performance of their structure. We hope that our efforts promote the profession of structural engineering and that our clients benefit from our experience, knowledge and understanding in structural engineering and construction.

A-1 Engineering is a company that provides structural engineering services to the commercial, residential, government and industrial industry. One of our owners if both a veteran and a minority. Our services include:

  • Structural Engineering assessments for commercial and residential real estate transactions
  • Structural Engineering assessments for concerned homeowners considering foundation repair. Note, A1 is not owned or operated by a foundation repair company. We do not receive commission, referrals fee or “kick-backs” from foundation repair companies for recommending or suggesting foundation repair.
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection of “retrofits” for modular homes.
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection of wood decks or patios.
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection of pier and beam (post) residential foundations.
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection of all foundation types for new construction (deep foundations, shallow foundations, pier and beam foundation, and concrete slab on grade)
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection of retaining walls constructed with heavy timber (rail road ties), concrete masonry units (CMU), cast in place concrete or segmental walls (reinforced segmental retaining wall)
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection of wood, steel, concrete and heavy timber framing for roofs, walls or floors (residential, commercial and industrial).
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection of “braced-walls” for new construction
  • Structural engineering design, assessment and inspection existing roof framing for commercial buildings for the addition of new HVAC roof top units.
  • Additional structural engineering services are available. Please give us a call and allow us to add the benefit of our structural engineering practice to your project.

Our staff of structural engineers are trained, educated and experienced in structural engineering. Our knowledge and experience in structural engineering design comes from designing multi-story buildings constructed with wood, steel, concrete or masonry as well as other structures, such as: retaining walls, small pedestrian bridges, cages for housing primates, tall billboard signs and buildings in very high wind areas.

Through documentation of training, experience and exams, the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE) has recognized our licensed professional engineers to be competent in the area of structural engineering. Our licensed engineers have each holds an STR – Structural competency designator with the TBPE.

Our two principal engineers have a combined experience of over 20 years in structural engineering.  We collaborate our structural engineering knowledge and expertise with local universities (such as University of Texas) as well as other professions and disciplines, such as: drainage engineers, civil land development engineers, geotechnical (soils) engineers, architects, real estate brokers and agents, home inspectors, residential builders, contractors, warranty adjusters and underwriters, lending underwriters and property owners.

We are known for providing timely and professional engineering services to our clients. Our clients are constantly impressed with our personal attention to all projects, regardless the size, fee or local. No project is too small or too big for our attention.

In the community, our engineers has volunteered and participated with ITT Technical Institute School of Drafting, City of San Antonio Code Compliance Building Standards Board (BSB) – Mayor Appointed - , Professional Engineers in Private Practice (PEPP), Structural Engineering Association of Texas (SEAoT), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Greater San Antonio Builders Association and the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

Whether you need a Structural Design to assess or design your foundation, Structural Inspection, or Wall Bracing assessment, we are the Structural Engineering Solution in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. We work with Banks, Realtors, Developers, Insurance companies, Home Builders, Lawyers, Home owners, fabricators, contractors, etc. Call us today (210) 591-8829 or in Austin (512) 298-3360 or email: infotx@a-1engineering.com

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