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Free and cheap Foundation and structural inspections by Engineers

A good number of Engineers provide structural assessment and foundation inspections either for very cheap or even for free. Let us start by reminding you from the page, Structural Engineering License, that many of the Engineers providing structural and foundation inspections in residential construction may not be Structural Engineers. So, we hope you agree that paying a lower fee for an Engineer who is not qualified to look at your foundation and structure is a complete waste of your money.

However, there are many Structural Engineers, licensed to practice structural engineering, which are not as independent as you think. An independent Engineer is one who gains nothing by giving you his recommendations one way or the other. If you have a possible foundation problem, you want to make sure the Engineer looking at your foundation will give you an unbiased opinion.

Can a Structural Engineer give you an Unbiased opinion if the Structural Engineer gets a commission from a foundation repair company? Absolutely Not! In fact, some foundation repair companies pay up to 6% commission to engineers who refer a person to them (How do we know? We’ve been approached with this “Business” proposition). 6% commission on the cost of a foundation repair is a lot of money, so these engineers can afford to offer much cheaper rates than the rest of us because they get a good amount of money as a commission from the foundation repair companies.

So, even if you are able to find an engineer who is an actual Structural Engineer (and not just claiming to be a structural engineer), your next problem is to find out if these structural engineers are biased in favor of the foundation repair companies. It is difficult to know if Structural engineers get commissions from foundation repair companies or if they are biased in favor of foundation repair companies, but some of them are members of not-for-profit groups of foundation repair companies. For legal reasons, we cannot tell you if those engineers listed do or don’t receive commissions, and frankly we have no physical evidence, and we’re not allowed to accuse anyone either. We did some “under cover” research, trying to see how to become members of these organizations (we never became members), and even what they require to become members makes it virtually impossible for Independent Engineers to join because they require you to work with foundation repair companies.

Some associations are Engineering Based, meaning the association is for/by engineers, with the purpose of advancing Engineering knowledge (and some foundation repair companies are also members). We are members of some of these organizations, such as the Foundation Performance Association.

However, other associations clearly are created by/for Foundation Repair companies, and like we said, require Engineers who join the association to be linked to foundation repair companies. We can’t give you the names, but if you search on the internet for anything that says “Foundation Repair” organization, or association, or engineers, or network, etc. you’ll eventually find a list of engineers who are members and are probably biased in favor of these foundation repair companies. By the way, if most and the biggest members of a certain not-for-profit organization are mainly concrete press piles companies and they require engineers to have years of experience working for contractors that do this kind of work, then in our opinion it is proof enough to suspect that these engineers will probably be biased in favor of these foundation repair companies.

A-1 Engineering receives no commissions from foundation repair companies. We are independent Structural Engineers. Our opinion is unbiased. Therefore, please understand how valuable our recommendations are and the fee that we charge, although higher than the competition, it is worth your money.

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