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Concrete Press Piles Foundation Repair: Building Code non-compliance Part 1

d) Conclusion: Don’t use Concrete Press Piles Foundation Repair

We have only seen a very tiny section of the building code and from the beginning this type of foundation repair is already inadequate (Doesn’t work in Theory and in Practice). For the most common type of foundation repair, which is concrete press piles (cylinders not connected to each other), the instant those cylinders are pushed into the ground they do not meet the building code and do not work. For the foundation repair system that uses concrete press piles with a cable through it, even if you give them the benefit of the doubt (and what a huge benefit it is…) to the claims that their system actually is capable of considering all those cylinders are one unit working together, that system is dead on arrival just because the depth reached is not sufficient. Whether you’re doing a foundation repair in San Antonio, or foundation repair Austin, or foundation repair Dallas, or foundation repair Houston, etc. If the soil is expansive, then the system doesn’t work.

Get yourself a consultant, a true structural engineer from the beginning will tell you that this system doesn’t work and you need something else. We say “true” structural engineers because many residential engineers are not structural engineers, and those who are, many of them don’t even know there’s full chapter on the building code that talks about foundations and how to design them. In fact, give them a test question, ask them if the concrete press piles meet the building code; if they say yes, then run away, because the person who just replied either is not an engineer, or if he is an engineer he is not a structural engineer, or if he is a structural engineer, then he simply not a reliable structural engineer for this particular issue on foundation repair.


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