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Concrete Press Piles Foundation Repair: Building Code non-compliance Part 1
b) Brief Description of Foundation Repair System as it relates to the Code

Let’s compare these building code requirements with the concrete press pile system (and their different variations). To help us look at the concrete press pile foundation repair system and compare against these first requirements of the building code, let’s go through some key descriptions of the concrete press pile foundation repair system (For pictures refer to Foundation Repair page):

  •  Concrete Cylinders (usually 6” diameter x 12” deep) pushed into the ground by putting a hydraulic jacks below the grade beam.
  • Once a cylinder has been pushed into the ground, another cylinder is placed on top and pushed the same way, resulting in the top cylinder pushing down on the cylinder below.
  • Almost all of the foundation repair concrete press pile systems do not connect the cylinders to each other. Some systems attempt to connect the cylinders to each other by running a cable through the middle of the cylinders.
  • The process of stacking and pushing the concrete cylinders on top of each other stops once the proportional weight of the house is not enough to keep on pushing the piles down. 


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