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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Foundation to be Designed by a Structural Engineer?

Yes! A structural engineer can design a foundation that can minimize the potential for movement due to the Bad Soils we have in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

Does the City of San Antonio and Austin Require a Foundation Plan?

Any addition or new residence over 1000 sf requires a foundation plan to be submitted to the city of San Antonio. In Austin all foundation no matter the size need to be engineer by a Structural Engineer

Does the City of San Antonio Require a Wall Bracing Plan?

Any addition or new residence over 1000 sf requires a Wall bracing plan. 

Can you guys design the wall framing, floors and roofs and provide plans and details?


I'm buying or selling or refinancing a house but the Inspector says I need a Structural Engineer, can you do a Structural Inspection of the house?

Yes, we'd be Glad to do it. Structural Engineering is our Bread and Butter.

I built something and the city of San Antonio or Austin says I need a Structural Engineer letter saying what I built is OK, do you guys do that?

Not a problem, we'll go see what you built and if it's safe and sound we'll provide you with letters, details, plans, or whatever is necessary to get the city off your back.

I built a Deck, the city says it doesn't meet the prescriptive code, and I need a Structural Engineer to bless it, can you help?

Yes, we'll inspect what you built and we'll write a letter or provide details plans as necessary to "Bless" what you built. If there are any deficiencies, we'll tell you how to fix it so that we can tell the city that you built it appropriately.

I want to build a retaining wall, do I need a Structural Engineer?

If the wall has a surcharge load and/or is 4ft tall or higher then you need a Structural Engineer. 

Can you guys help me with the Permit Process?

Sorry, we only provide you with the Necessary Structural Engineering documents required to get a permit. But we can recommend you to someone who may help you through the permit application process.

What Kind of Payment do you accept for your Structural Engineering Services?

We accept cash or Check. We require payment in advance before we released any structural engineer report or drawings.

Please visit our Structural Engineer San Antonio page or Structural Engineer Austin page.




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